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The Maisons d’Arles have a dynamic and deeply human view of hospitality and catering jobs. This group, which is in full growth, relies on management and training to build long-term career plans. This group prides itself on fighting bias against seasonal jobs, setting reasonable schedules and fending off sector volatility.

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Human Resources are at the heart of the Maisons d’Arles philosophy: thanks to considerate leadership, internal training and team loyalty, each employee has pride of place. Join the group and be sure to find year-round jobs, the respect of differences, internal mobility, the increase of skills and versatile tasks.

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Gender Equality Index

This index, in the form of a score out of 100, is composed of 5 main indicators.
Our score in 2023 is 94/100 points (details below):


Indicators Points obtained / Max
1. Pay gap 39/40
2. Difference in individual increment rates 35/35
3. Difference in promotion rates N.C
4. Salary increases upon return from maternity leave 15/15
5. Number of employees of the under-represented gender out of the 10 highest incomes 5/10

*N.C (non-computable)

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