Our expert bartenders will help you enjoy your favorite recipes or original creations depending on your tastes.
Whether you are a fan of old classics or interested in discovering new combinations of flavors, we look forward to welcoming you.

Barman tenant une bouteille pour fabriquer un cocktail.


L'Arlatan's cocktails and mocktails reflect the spirit of the place: colorful and original. Lovers of Negroni, Martini and other classics, worry not; they are also in our bartenders' repertoire. Want more? Luigi and the bar team are always ready to help you create your very own personalized cocktail.



Le Cintra

Le Nord-Pinus

The Cintra is one of those iconic bars, where Fernandel drank his pastis while dipping an anchovy in it, where Dominique Isserman, Peter Beard and Peter Lindberg posted their dreams in black and white...


Le Drum Café

The Tower, Parc des Ateliers LUMA Arles

Between two exhibition visits in The Tower, why not enjoy one of the Drum Café's original cocktails or mocktails?
Every day, Arnaud and his team select the finest ingredients to prepare homemade juices, infusions and syrups for their delicious creations.