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Everything you need for a delightful stay is here! Hotels in the heart of the Arles, a warm welcome, a spacious room, a soft bed...

Whether you prefer colorful atmospheres, cozy little cocoons or historic houses, we cannot wait to welcome you.


Although already recognized as the most sumptuous mansion in Arles in the Middle Ages, L'Arlatan made a remarkable entry into the 21st century thank to the exceptional vision of artist Jorge Pardo.

Every room, every door is a unique piece, a single work of art. The two million fragments or so of the mosaics used in the renovation were all hand-crafted. The buildings, the central part of which is listed as a Historic Monument, are organized around a magnificent patio, a majestic staircase and cosy lounges.


Le Cloître

Color in everything. Lime walls and tiles alike. Blue brings a sense of calm, yellow brings light, ochre brings comfort. In the heart of the city, the air is refreshing, only the echo of a schoolyard and quiet laughs can be heard from the terrace where, in the shade of the giant paulownia tree, people are already sharing drinks.

Every room was designed by India Mahdavi. In the hotel, contemporary furniture and old stones create Le Cloître's warm and very distinctive atmosphere.


Le Nord-Pinus

The hotel Le Nord-Pinus belongs to the memory of all Arlesians... For me, as a child, it was the temple of leisure, of worldliness and above all of bullfighting. It was like an initiatory journey in reverse, starting from the Place du Forum without leaving it, towards Paris, towards Spain, towards the World. Images of Lucia Bose and Dominguin in white and gold costumes, of Cocteau and Picasso in black cape... - Christian Lacroix

Due to work, the hotel and its 26 rooms will remain closed until their reopening in 2025.