Our Properties

Hotel Le Cloître's façade, in Arles.

Stay at Les Maisons d’Arles and embark on a unique journey where heritage, creativity and cuisine are just around the corner. Tiptoe from one spot to the next: lunch at L'Arlatan, have a drink at Le Nord-Pinus, and supper at L'Épicerie du Cloître. The following day, make a getaway to La Chassagnette, the biggest vegetable garden in the region. A collection of unique places, open to people from Arles as well as visitors, Les Maisons d’Arles allow you to feel the pulse of the town.

Our Houses

This quirky trio of hotels is part of the town’s heritage. L'Arlatan, Le Cloître and Le Nord-Pinus are places where international guests, artists and locals meet. Featuring shady patios, creative lounges, history-laden corridors, open terraces and art collections, each house is a slice of life from the Arlesian lifestyle.

Le Cloître
Le Nord-Pinus


Under the guidance of star chef Armand Arnal, Les Maisons d’Arles restaurants serve seasonal, locally-sourced dishes. La Chassagnette’s amazing vegetable garden offers the best fine-dining experience, while the other restaurants and bars specialize in tapas, creative recipes and small bites to share.

La Chassagnette
L’Épicerie du Cloître
Les tables du Parc (Parc des Ateliers)
Le Nord-Pinus

Art & Culture

Art, design and photography enliven Les Maisons d’Arles: each spot is an opportunity to mingle with many creative talents. From art collections on the walls to design collaborations and precursory architecture, each stay is a creative immersion.